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We provide the most versatile system for expanding your outdoor living.

Control Your Environment

Control Your Environment

You love outdoor living otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But none of us make the rules when dealing with Mother Nature – rain will shower us when nature decides, not when the grill master wants. Sunlight and heat will be too intense when nature decides, not you and your dinner party plan. And dark days will keep it dark inside your home when nature decides, not when those of us who struggle with winter darkness need light.

Outdoor Elements adjustable pergolas let you join the decision-making process. How? You have handheld controls to adjust your living environment at your whim. Just a single remote for controlling your shade, sun, and weather exposure as well as the level of all types of lighting. Also, you can adjust for wind and rain protection even when you aren’t even there. Add-in our automated shades and you can control sun and heat from even more extreme morning and evening angles, have more protection from side blown rain, and be able to retain of more heat on colder days.

Increase Your Enjoyment

Your enjoyment is paramount. Versatility boosts your ability to live your life and enjoy your space the way you want it. No more rain spoiling events, get togethers, or just some much needed spontaneous fun. No more will you wait for summer to come just to be driven back inside by intense sunlight and heat. Barbeque and cook outside on your timeframe. Entertain whenever you feel like it. Relax virtually every day – lounging, reading, watching tv, listening to music, hot tubbing, even napping – whatever brings you joy from being outdoors regardless of the weather. Your enjoyment will soar though your louvered roof!

Plus, numerous studies have shown that increased outdoor living can reduce stress levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension as well as boosting our immune systems. More outdoor living is a true win-win for you and your family.

Maximize Your Investment

Studies have long shown that right next to kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor living enhancements are desired selling features and increase the value of your home. Remodeling Magazine, CNN Money, and About.com state that Outdoor Kitchens (of which an adjustable pergola is a critical component) can often return an incredible 100-200% on investment. Additionally, The Responsive Home research, Millennial Report states that 59% of millennial homebuyers considered “outdoor living space” to be their #1 must have. If you are a commercial enterprise such as a restaurant, you can often see a full return on investment within a year, in addition to the increase in capacity and upgraded dining experience often leading to higher per ticket prices.

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In business since 2003 and with over 100 years of Portland Metro contracting and building experience between the core management team of our parent company, we are always excited to help you realize you outdoor living dreams.

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