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The best patio covers Portland has to offer from the company that cares about your needs

Finding the right solution for you outdoor living is harder that it seems. The best patio covers Portland has to offer can be found easily however when you work with Pergolas Northwest.

Portland and the Pacific Northwest in general present unique challenges to outdoor living. We get as much rain as we do sunshine. With an average of 164 rainy days per year, outdoor covers must be able to handle Portland's frequent light rains. Solutions that only offer sun protection are of limited value. But patio covers that are permanently closed cause their own problems. Lack of light, both during winter when the blues can hit, and summer when we finally get regular sunshine, can be problematic.  Portland homeowners require more options from their patio covers than folks in other areas.

Pergola's Northwest offers the most versatile patio covers Portland area home owners can imagine. Our adjustable, louvered roofs allow you to keep out the rain when you need to, and have as little or as much sunshine and light when you want it. You are in full control. And there are numerous styles and colors available to personalize your patio cover to your home's unique look and style.

See why we proudly claim that you will enjoy Outdoor Living ~ Indoor Comfort, when you work with us to transform our outdoor living experience.