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Patio Cover Ideas in Portland

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For patio cover idea in Portland, you've come to the right spot

Some times the old way of doing things can get stale. But if you are looking for patio cover ideas in Portland, you've found the right place for expanding your options!

Portland is know for being unique. Hence, the Keep Portland Weird manta speaks true to its name. And let's face it, patio covers have been the same old, same old for years. But not any more. Just like Portland keeps reinventing itself, we have helped reinvent the patio cover for homeowners. Similar to how The Pearl District was once light industrial and is now a center for chic urban living, patio covers went from looking cheap and stodgy to now being the most versatile and upscale aspect of your home's outdoor living suite.

Our fully adjustable patio covers give you the control you need for living in this part of the country. They keep you dry when you need to, and give you light and sun when you want it. The idea of an outdoor cover that is neither always closed to the sun, or at the other extreme, either lets in rain (a traditional pergola) or can't handle serious rain, snow or wind (awnings and shades) is revolutionary. And with styles ranging from classical to ultra modern, the range of patio cover ideas in Portland homeowner's minds is exploding with possibilities!

Call us today to get the patio cover ideas rolling. Outdoor Living ~ Indoor Comfort.